19 Dead, 18 Injured after Horrific Collision

(IntegrityPress.org) – A huge head on collision recently happened in Mexico between a double decker bus and a truck, killing 19 people and leaving 22 others injured, according to the local authorities.

The bus was on the way to Sinaloa from Guadalajara. The aftermath of the collision was brutal, as both vehicles were completely engulfed in fire. Sara Quinonez, the attorney general of Sinaloa state, confirmed the deaths, saying the identification of those who died will be hard because of the fire.

Roy Navarrete, the director of civil protection in Sinaloa, revealed that the collision occurred on a highway around the area Elota.

Accidents like this are unfortunately very common in Mexico, mostly due to fast drivers and vehicles that are in a bad state without any sort of inspection. The rising incidence of crashes involving freight trucks on the highways of the country has become a growing concern.

One of the deadliest accidents in the country killed 29 people in July 2023 when a passenger bus drove off a mountain road and plunged into a ravine in Oaxaca. Other accidents, such as a bus flipping over in Veracruz in November, which resulted in 12 deaths, show that the country could do much more to prevent these deadly crashes.

Calls for stricter regulations have been voiced by safety advocates across the country. Road crashes also pose large risks to migrants on their journey to the US. A smugglers’ truck full of migrants crashed in the area of Chiapas in December 2021, killing 56 people.

Discussions about improving road safety measures continue in Mexico within the broader context of issues with transportation nationwide. The roads in Mexico outside of cities are usually not part of any regulated system, and as aforementioned, vehicles in the country are not subject to any sort of inspections or regulations either.

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