23 Arrests Made in Massive Fentanyl Probe

(IntegrityPress.org) – According to data provided by Customs and Border Protection, President Joe Biden has helmed an administration that has seen in excess of a 500% increase in fentanyl seizures at ports of entry along the U.S. border with Mexico.

In developments that many would consider to be related, the Drug Enforcement Administration recently announced a new series of arrests in what is being described as a massive fentanyl-smuggling ring with a genesis in our nation’s capital.

On November 20, the DEA said the case in question had yielded a further 11 arrests in addition to 12 individuals who had already been taken into custody. According to Anne Milgram, the DEA’s top official, 23 suspects are now behind bars for their alleged roles in the distribution and sale of the synthetic opiate.

In her press conference, Milgram told reporters that the drug is the single “greatest threat to” American citizens today. As covered by any number of outlets, the nation is in the midst of what scores of experts, legislators and pundits have described as an overdose epidemic.

Milgram reminded reporters that the scourge of fentanyl deaths are the statistical leading cause of nationwide deaths for those who are 18 to 45 years of age. She said the drug’s deadly effects do not discriminate and families from all social strata have been devastated regardless of their demographic.

Milgram’s investigation began after a 20-year-old Wasington, D.C. resident and mother named Diamond Lynch overdosed in April of 2021. She was said to have taken what she thought was a prescription opiate known commonly as Oxycodone, but authorities have indicated that the pill was fake.

Detectives tracked down Lynch’s supplier and uncovered an enormous distribution network. In former President Trump’s last year in office, about 3,700 pounds of fentanyl was seized at the nation’s border with Mexico.

As of August of 2023, almost 19,500 pounds of the drug had been seized.

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