3 Quick Calls That Can Save You Big

3 Quick Calls That Can Save You Big

(IntegrityPress.org) – In today’s complex and often frustrating economic times, knowing how to budget and where to find savings have become critical survival skills. Building a plan must include set monthly expenses and those that might change. Yet, before logging some of those monthly accounts as liabilities, it might be a good idea to see if lower payments are available first. Here are three phone calls that might just save a nice wad of cash.

  1. Credit card companies are there to help. Those big, supposedly bad banks don’t want their customers slipping into financial stress. Give them a call, tell them you need a lower payment, and see what they can offer. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a financial assistance program that lowers the interest rate.
  1. Cell phone companies often have deals. Individuals who own their smartphones with no contracts can switch whenever they like. Find out if your regular company has any deals, then call a few competitors and let them try to beat it.

  1. The cable company wants to keep your business. With the rise of streaming and fiber optic internet, those coaxial cables are becoming obsolete. To lure new customers, they run bundle promotions featuring the internet, phone, television, and sometimes mobile services that save money. Let them know you’re considering unplugging and see what deals they offer.

There’s no rule about only calling three. Look through a month’s worth of typical expenses and see what pops out. Maybe there are overlapping internet subscriptions, duplicate streaming accounts, or other expenses that a bit of effort could turn into some real savings.

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