5 Takeaway Points From The Biden Investigation Committee

(IntegrityPress.org) – During Attorney General Merrick Garland’s September 20 House testimony, Republicans demanded to know the nature of David Weiss’ appointment as the special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation.

  1. Lawmakers asked the AG if he had considered other candidates, but Garland indicated that he had not. When asked about alleged biases that Weiss may have brought to inquiry, the AG conveyed that he would have been unaware of those sentiments because he had been uninvolved in the investigation from the beginning.
  1. Legislators further wanted to know what Garland’s reasoning was for appointing Weiss. Many have said that it was part of an effort to maintain the investigation’s status quo. Republicans and whistleblowers alike have noted that Weiss had already been in charge of the Hunter Biden inquiry prior to his appointment as special counsel. Garland told lawmakers that he put Weiss in the position because the attorney had asked to be placed there.
  1. Republicans later asked the AG if the Department of Justice has a standing policy of letting the subjects of their warrants know ahead of time that a search is about to be executed. Whistleblowers alleged that Hunter Biden was tipped off in advance and had time to hide or remove certain items. Garland responded that “it depends.”
  1. Whistleblowers have also alleged that the time threshold in which Hunter Biden could be legally charged was intentionally allowed to expire. When asked if that had happened in Hunter Biden’s case, Garland said he did not know.

5. Seemingly conflicting statements have been made by Weiss and Garland in the past regarding jurisdictional authority in bringing charges against Hunter Biden. Weiss has said he was prevented from charging the younger Biden in certain locations, but Garland has said that Weiss had full authority. Legislators wanted to know which version was accurate. Garland said he could not provide an answer because he had stayed out of the investigation.

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