50 Cent Thinks Trump Can Solve NYC Migrant Crisis

(IntegrityPress.org) – Rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, posted on Instagram Saturday, February 3, criticizing NYC Mayor Eric Adams for a new program to hand out $53 million in taxpayer funds to illegals. The harshly criticized plan would see $1,000/month given out on debit cards to illegals.

Sharing a screenshot of a New York Post article discussing the initiative, Jackson suggested “Maybe Trump is the answer.” He also said “WTF” and suggested Adams call him and explain the program in detail because he lacked the proper understanding.

Adams unveiled the plan on Friday, February 2nd, wherein the city would distribute the so-called “Immediate Response Cards” to needy illegals, providing them with funds to purchase food and other essentials.

The pilot program is just an initial offering, suggesting more cash handouts for illegals could be on the way. The official announcement describes the illegals in NYC as “asylum seekers” which has been contested by many as a deceptive characterization. Folks seeking asylum generally will do so in the nearest safe nation. Since migrants are coming from all over the world, it’s clear that they aren’t just seeking asylum. A UN report from 2022 highlighted how over 70% of the world’s refugees stayed in countries close to their home country.

If successful, and we aren’t told what the metrics are for success, the program will expand to all illegals currently dependent on NYC for their care. The city argued that the program will actually save money, saying that they’ve been thus far paying more per family to provide the basics.

It’s been reported that thousands of dollars have thus far been wasted on uneaten food. The migrants thought the quality wasn’t sufficient and refused the free meals.

50 Cent isn’t the only famous rapper suggesting another Trump presidency may be a solution to these issues. Snoop Dogg recently said he had “nothing but love and respect” for Trump, highlighting how Trump pardoned Michael Harris. Harris had been imprisoned for life for attempted murder and drug charges in 1988. Trump commuted his sentence to time served due to lobbying efforts and a history of good behavior.

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