6 NATO Countries Plan To Counter Russia With Drone Wall

(IntegrityPress.org) – Six NATO countries are planning to deploy a technological wall to defend their shared borders with Russia, according to media reports. Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Lithuania engaged in collaborative talks over Memorial Day weekend about the potential to deploy a “drone wall” along their borders with Russia to deter and prevent smuggling and other “hybrid attacks.” The technology can detect and repel any drones it encounters.

Media reports discussing the meetings suggested that the nations involved have accused Russia of smuggling war criminals or other people over their borders.

The drone wall would be “completely new” and would stretch along the border from Norway down to Poland, according to Lithuania’s minister of interior Agnė Bilotaitė.

Estonia’s Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets said that the network would help deter and counter “influence activities” originating with Russia. He added that real-time drone surveillance over their border would give them the ability to react instantly whereas now they only find out about incursions days or hours after they’ve happened.

Russia is facing international pressure over its war in Ukraine. The war has been going poorly for Kyiv as many predicted it would. Russia has a very large military and population to draw from by comparison, and despite assistance from NATO countries, no other nation has dared to involve itself directly in the conflict.

Rumors of NATO membership for Ukraine have swirled a lot in the past year, but media reports are suggesting that they are just that: rumors. NATO membership for Ukraine would be a major game changer as NATO has a mutual defense agreement; it was originally chartered in the 20th century as an opposing force to Soviet Russia. Putin has stated previously that a peace agreement will only come with a promise that Ukraine won’t join NATO.

Russia is also seeking to retain and have Crimea officially recognized as Russian territory. The area was annexed in March 2014 following a vote where 97% of residents chose to break away from Ukraine and join Russia after a coup the month prior that arguably led to the current military conflict.

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