Alabama Governor Joins Crusade for School Choice

( – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) announced a new school choice initiative during her recent “State of the State” speech. School choice is the idea that parents deserve public support if they decide to send their children to a private institution instead of public school. The idea has been gaining momentum in recent years after the exposure of woke indoctrination happening in public schools around America.

Ivey suggested getting school choice to every family in Alabama was her “number one legislative priority,” and suggested the CHOOSE Act was a good vehicle for the program. An abbreviation for “Creating Hope and Opportunity for Our Students’ Education,” the law would allow up to $7,000 to be returned to families as a tax credit deposited into an education savings account.

The new policy would also return funding to families engaged in homeschooling, they’ll receive a credit of $2,000 per homeschooled child up to $4,000.

Ivey said that the program will begin in the 2025-26 school year, and will prioritize students with special needs and their families.

State Senator Arthur Orr explained that the legislation will preserve the integrity of public schools while allowing Alabama families much more freedom in how they educate their children.

The program will only be initially available to families who are under 300% of the federal poverty line with expansion to all families in Alabama following thereafter.

The program will allocate $100 million at minimum per year for families’ education savings accounts. Ivey’s office has already set aside $50 million for the program from the 2024 budget. Ivey highlighted how the proposal has a strong backing from legislators and voters in Alabama.

The state’s Democratic caucus opposed the move, suggesting it would negatively impact public education. Democrat State Rep. Barbara Drummond was cautiously optimistic about the program, however, suggesting that the program is untested while suggesting only the results matter. She said she hasn’t seen any data yet that suggested school choice improves outcomes.

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