Amazon Pays 4 Billion For a Stake in AI

( – On September 25, the most powerful e-commerce company on the planet announced its intention of paying as much as $4 billion for a non-majority stake in the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence startup known as Anthropic. Amazon’s purported minority stakeholder position with the California business will reportedly go towards funding the company’s technology development.

Computer scientists say the evolution of AI is based on access to data platforms and computer processing power. Amazon’s cloud-based Web Services reportedly make the e-commerce leader uniquely suited to handle Anthropic’s immense load of ones and zeros.

A spokesperson for the Bezos-owned tech giant said their newest collaboration will give Anthropic access to their proprietary Inferentia and Trainium microchips. Computing power is said to double every 18 to 24 months on average and the AWS chips are the latest iteration of that industry trend.

Anthropic is expected to utilize the capabilities of AWS as a “foundation” from which “to build” future “generative AI applications.” For the uninitiated, the generative variety of artificial intelligence is capable of producing images, text and other forms of media.

Critics of the idea cite concerns about the rise of an uncontrolled epidemic of fakery, wherein humans are unable to differentiate between media that is authentic and that which has been fraudulently manufactured. “Deepfakes” seem to be appearing more frequently. In those instances, a person’s face and voice are digitally commandeered. A well-rendered deepfake can show a politician saying or doing something they had no hand in.

A reference point for the data processing capabilities of AWS can be found in the platform’s annual revenue numbers. In 2013, it was worth approximately $3 billion. Within a decade, it was valued at over $80 billion. Anthropic has indicated that the Amazon service will become its primary host.

The company is perhaps most-recognized for their development of a generative software known as “Claude.” It can carry on advanced dialogue and independently generate complex media.

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