AOC’s Former Aide Takes Lead Of Communist Party

( – So, it seems that it has been uncovered that Justine Medina, who used to be an aide to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is a prominent official in the Communist Party of the state of New York. After the time she spent working on Ocasio-Cortez’s 2020 campaign, Medina was given the title of “Co-chair of the New York Communist League” by the Communist Party’s journal, the People’s World.

Medina being in bed with Marxism was pretty evident on social media even before and during her time with AOC. In one tweet from October 2020, she was very proud to label herself a Communist while working for AOC- emphasizing that communism is about equality and helping workers who are oppressed. She seemed to limit her affection for her ideology during her run with AOC- other than the tweet, of course.

It is worth noting that they both follow each other on Twitter, and it seems they are on very friendly relations. Medina also took pride in her involvement in the successful efforts to make Amazon unionized, which she highlighted in an article for the Communist Party’s website. She herself used to work at Amazon in New York. AOC has been known for her opposition to Amazon, playing a key role in preventing the company from establishing a headquarters in New York City and voicing support for Amazon unionization, although she has faced criticism for not always showing up in support of frontline workers.

Medina also has a large history of being arrested, having been booked at least twice during the Black Lives Matter riots in June 2020. She was also arrested later in 2020 for trying to deface a plaque of Fred Trump.

Having connections to these types of people proves a double standard in the mainstream media as for some reason Communists are not seen as being nearly as bad as their compatriots on the other side of the spectrum.

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