Baby Found Alive After Being Sucked Up By Tornado

( – Amidst a tragic tornado in Tennessee, a miracle happened: an infant was safely found in a tree after being carried off by a tornado.

On Saturday, December 9th, a woman named Sydney Moore, 22, was in her mobile home with her boyfriend and two children when a tornado struck the area. It was such a sudden tornado that the siren hadn’t even gone off to warn them about the impending danger until after her roof had been torn off of her mobile home. Moore immediately covered her 1-year-old son, Princeton, with her body, while her boyfriend, 39-year-old Aramis Youngblood, went to grab their 4-month-old infant, Lord, from his bassinet. Youngblood only managed to grab hold of the bassinet when the strong winds picked it up and spun both the adult and the infant around. After being spun around twice, the baby was apparently pulled out of the bassinet by strong winds.

Moore and Youngblood feared the worst, searching for their young child out in the storm. Lord was found stuck in a downed tree about 30 feet from where the family’s mobile home had stood before the storm ripped it away. Aside from a cut on his face and being covered in mud, the infant appeared to be otherwise unscathed.

Caitlyn Moore, Sydney’s sister, started a GoFundMe to help her sister’s family get back on their feet. She said she believes in miracles and guardian angels, and that their mother who passed away last year possibly intervened to make sure her grandson was found safely after the storm.

The tornado displaced hundreds of people in the area and led to six casualties and dozens of injuries. A spokesperson for the town of Clarksville said the community is receiving help from FEMA, and that members of the community have been working together to help each other out during these difficult times. A White House spokesperson said that President Joe Biden and his wife are praying for the families of those affected.

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