Biden Admin Pushes National Debt to Record Breaking High

( – The US national debt has surged past the $34 trillion mark, according to recent Treasury Department data. This record figure, recorded on December 29, intensifies the ongoing debate between Democrats and Republicans, considering the GOP is constantly critical of the Biden Administration’s spending habits.

This escalating debt also has broader economic implications, as the government now allocates nearly 2 billion daily solely for interest payments. Such financial commitments in the long term will pose a threat to the economic stability of the US.

Economists and financial analysts have raised concerns about the potential for severe inflation because of the high debt. They caution that this situation could lead to sustained higher interest rates, which would elevate household borrowing costs and affect Social Security and Medicare. Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, said that the current debt level as disastrous for both economic health and national security.

Last June, Washington policymakers temporarily suspended the nation’s debt ceiling, averting a default. Congress also faces crucial deadlines to finalize departmental budgets, which also complicates the matter. A temporary pause was granted in November through a stopgap measure, postponing potential government shutdowns. However, the threat to the economy is still severe regarding the debt.

MacGuineas emphasized the necessity for multifaceted solutions, advocating for measures such as tax hikes, reducing spending, or the establishment of a fiscal commission to address the mounting debt issue.

The spiraling national debt not only amplifies the government’s interest payment obligations but also diminishes public investment opportunities. A loss of investor confidence could inflate borrowing costs further, affecting business operations and household finances as well. This could strain social welfare programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as spending surpasses revenue. Biden has not yet put forth a concrete spending plan that has successfully reduced the debt.

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