Biden Admin Starts Yet Another Harvard Investigation

( – The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is looking into allegations made by Muslim students at Harvard that they’ve faced harassment while on campus at the world famous ivy league institution.

More than a dozen anonymous complaints have been made by students who suggest the school is in violation of Title VI in the 1964 Civil Rights Act through the Muslim Legal Fund of America, who is representing the students. The complaint alleges threats, harassment, and intimidation against the students on the basis of their Arab ethnicity, Muslim religion, or political support for Palestinians in Gaza.

The complaint further claims the attacks have included doxxing, stalking, and physical assault. One student reported being chased, spat at, and pursued by doxxing trucks.

Attorney Chelsea Glover applauded the news in a press release. She said that Harvard had previously ignored student complaints last fall, preferring instead to give time and consideration to its wealthy donors and alumni who were encouraging the harassment of Muslim students.

The press release highlights claims that students were additionally harassed while attending vigils for Palestinians or merely walking to the library. The students said that their complaints fell on deaf ears among the administration, with slow or muted responses. Some said they were even threatened with the loss of their academic access.

The DoE had previously opened an investigation in regards to incidents of antisemitism occurring on campus in the fall. In January, students sued the university for its role in facilitating incidents of antisemitism. They’re seeking unspecified damages for loss of educational opportunities and they want court-ordered antisemitism training.

Former Harvard President Claudine Gay came under fire after she refused to say whether or not calls for genocide violated the code of conduct in testimony before Congress. Shortly thereafter, she was exposed as a fraud who had plagiarized much of her academic work.

Despite her resignation and the plagiarism, Gay was retained by Harvard as a professor and will still collect a salary of nearly $1 million per year.

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