Biden Admin to Implement Strict New Immigration Policy

( – A new regulation that was unveiled on 2/21/23 by the Biden administration would essentially not allow migrants who travelled through other nations en route to the US-Mexico border from requesting asylum in the US. The Biden administration has implemented a slew of new regulations, the most rigorous being the proposed regulation, to try and manage the US-Mexico border. Some have attacked it, saying that it is evocative of a Trump-era policy.

The rule would encourage migrants to apply for asylum or other forms of protection in the nations they travel through, decreasing the need for human smuggling networks that take advantage of migrants for private profit. Although there are some exceptions, in general, the rule would apply to migrants who smuggle themselves across the US-Mexico border, but not to unaccompanied immigrant minors.

Officials from the administration rejected the comparison to the Trump administration, claiming that there is no categorical ban on asylum, and they emphasized the efforts being made to increase access to legal pathways to the US, including a recently introduced parole program for some nationalities.

The Title 42 border restriction from the pandemic era is slated to expire in May, and the proposed rule is anticipated to go into effect at that time after a 30-day public comment period. The rule is anticipated to be in effect for two years.

The government has relied on Title 42 to turn away some of the migrants it encounters at the US-Mexico border to control the flow. Yet, as tens of thousands of migrants continue to move across the Central/Southern American borders, officials are thinking about other enforcement methods as the deadline draws near its potential expiration.

The administration is considering several ideas, including the adoption of a streamlined deportation procedure called “expedited removal.” Since then, the US has been using Title 42 to deport migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua to Mexico while also launching an unrelated program that enables migrants from those countries as well as Haiti to apply to enter the country lawfully.

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