Biden Aide Admits to Missteps in Gaza

( – Aides from the Biden administration in Michigan have recently admitted to making mistakes regarding the administration’s response to the conflict in Gaza. The admission of “missteps” was made during closed-door discussions with local politicians, community advocates, and faith leaders of the Arab community in the state.

Arab American activist from Dearborn, MI, Abbas Alawieh, who attended one of the meetings, reported that officials did admit to errors regarding the administration’s approach to the conflict. However, Alawieh, a leader in a campaign urging Michigan residents to vote “uncommitted” in the upcoming Democratic primary, criticized the administration’s private acknowledgment while noting the lack of a public acknowledgment or change in policy.

Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer, present at one of the meetings, issued an apology for the language used by the administration in discussing Palestinians. Ali Dagher, a Dearborn attorney who also attended, mentioned Finer’s apology for the administration’s failure to prevent the dehumanization of Palestinians and took issue with how the president had spoken about them.

The meetings took place amid growing discontent among Arab Americans in Michigan, a crucial voting bloc in the swing state. Various groups, including Arab, Muslim, and progressive organizations, are demanding that Biden call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. They issued a warning that their support is at stake.

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, who has been critical of the Biden administration’s approach, hosted one of the meetings at Dearborn City Hall. Hammoud emphasized that the meeting aimed to convey the community’s demands directly to those capable of influencing the situation. They are particularly focused on a permanent cease-fire, ending military support to Israel, and expediting humanitarian aid to UNRWA.

The Biden administration’s response to these concerns is viewed as a critical factor in shaping its relationship with Arab American voters in Michigan ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

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