Biden: DEI Is America’s ‘Core Strength’

( – The Biden campaign is desperate to attempt to staunch the flow of black men toward the GOP; the demographic is a key voting bloc which Biden relied on heavily in the 2020 election, and recent polling has suggested they’re shifting away from the Democrats.

Biden’s been doing some targeted campaign events focusing on black audiences. He gave the commencement address during a graduation from Morehouse College, Martin Luther King Jr.’s alma mater, in Georgia on Sunday, May 19. He also flew to Detroit the same day to give a speech at the NAACP’s 69th annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner that evening.

Biden characterized former President Donald Trump as crazy during his speech in Detroit and claimed that the mantra of diversity, equity, and inclusion was America’s “core strength.” DEI policies have become increasingly divisive and unpopular with Americans as they are largely seen as a rebranding of affirmative action programs, or hiring black or other minority candidates over more competent ones to create the image of a diverse organization.

Biden touted his appointment of black Americans and women during his administration without acknowledging how the fruits of his administration include two wars, dramatic increases in criminal activity, and unprecedented levels of inflation. The inflation is so bad that when it eases off a bit, Biden’s apologists have to claim it’s a major accomplishment. The gaslighting of Americans in real time while they complain about increases in costs of food and other basics is ongoing.

Biden also claimed that books were being banned during the dinner, lying about conservative initiatives to keep pornography out of children’s sections in public libraries, including in schools. There’s been no federal or state level attempt to have any book banned from the market outright.

Biden openly told the press that he was in Detroit to pander to black voters, though he used the phrase “connect with.” Biden’s campaign is obviously desperate to stop the flood of bad polling and bad news.

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