Biden Denies He Handled The Economy Poorly

( – President Joe Biden suggested the polling data was wrong when confronted with the data by CNN anchor Erin Burnett during a recent sit down interview on May 8. He further claimed that his administration had “already turned [the economy] around” after Burnett highlighted the increased cost of housing, lackluster economic growth, and a drop in real income due to inflation.

Biden suggested that the American economy wasn’t “in good shape” but attempted to salvage the situation by suggesting financial health was good for individual Americans. He then claimed that the data collected by polls hasn’t been accurate. He even suggested that CNN’s polling methods were worthy of scrutiny by asking Burnett how many calls they had to make to get a single answer.

Biden stumbled around commentary wherein he claimed that his administration created jobs. He did not address the fact they took over during the middle of a pandemic-related lockdown across much of the country and “creating jobs” was the natural consequence of resuming stalled economic activity. Many forget that schools, restaurants, retail, and entertainment outlets were almost universally shuttered by state and local authorities for years over concern for a minor respiratory illness with an incredibly low fatality rate.

Biden reminded Burnett that despite the current hiccup, the U.S. economy is still the strongest in the world. Burnett highlighted last year’s GDP, which she suggested was falling short of growth targets. Biden touted his success is reducing the rate of inflation, another ongoing consequence of excessive spending.

Former President Trump lambasted “Bidenomics” during a rally at the New Jersey shore on Saturday, May 11. He highlighted how Joe Biden’s economic policy has made everything incredibly expensive across the board.

Biden admitted that Americans are correct to have concern for inflation, but reminded Burnett that his administration has overseen dramatic decreases in the rate. He did not acknowledge that his party’s excessive spending is one of the major drivers of the phenomenon.

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