Biden Has Some Odd, Choice Words for Climate Deniers

( – The President of the United States attempted to make a wisecrack during an overseas press conference in Vietnam on September 10 using the same seemingly incorrect “John Wayne” line he has used a number of times in the past. Either the head-of-state’s staff has consistently failed to inform the 80-year-old that the line in question never existed, or they have and he has forgotten about it.

The order of the words used by the President when he quotes the legendary cowboy persona varies from appearance to appearance, but they are always used derisively, almost always attributed to John Wayne and always contain some combination of “pony soldier, lying and dog-faced.”

During the Hanoi Q&A, Biden used his latest version as a means of describing those who disagree with his views on established climate science.

The first reported instance of the President calling upon the star of True Grit was in 2018 during a campaign stop in North Dakota. He used the term to refer to one of the state’s Republican Senators. Biden not only credited a John Wayne movie with the quote, but he referenced a specific scene in an unnamed feature in which an Indian chief lays the line on Wayne.

While later campaigning in Iowa, the soon-to-be President hit one of his potential constituents with the term after they said they had previously taken part in a caucus. At another campaign event, Biden responded to a voter question about the Affordable Care Act with the same language.

The closest anyone in mainstream or independent media has been able to get to the genesis of the President’s John Wayne attribution is a 1952 film starring Hollywood icon Tyrone Powers. Although the actor was cast as the lead in a western called “Pony Soldiers,” the phrases “lying” and “dog-faced” are found nowhere in the script, nor are they reportedly found in any other tinseltown dialogue from years past or present.

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