Biden to Possibly Introduce AI Regulation Systems

( – Bidens administration is now drafting rules for artificial intelligence (AI) systems that will require government audits to ensure they deliver accurate results. These audits might involve some sort of research regarding whether AI is spreading false information. In a speech at the University of Pittsburgh, Alan Davidson, assistant secretary of communications and information at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the Commerce Department, stated that government audits of AI systems are a way to increase confidence in this “emerging” technology. He said in his prepared remarks that accountability measures for AI can aid in ensuring the dependability of an AI system, just as financial audits assist to generate trust in the accuracy of financial accounts. In the financial industry, policy was important to achieve this sort of trust, and it might be so with AI.

He continued to say that the goal of this sort of system is to make sure AI helps in a more productive sort of manner. Davidson asserted that a checks system would help the people enforcing regs understand if AI systems perform as they should, and whether they lead to “discriminatory” behavior or large amounts of bias. Audits may also be utilized to determine whether AI systems are being misleading or pushing a lot of disinformation of any sort.

The objective of policing disinformation generated by AI is expected to present challenges in many senses to federal regulators. Government officials are just beginning to consider how to regulate AI, and NTIA has just this week stated that it was soliciting public comment on how it should approach AI regulation. The issue of misinformation and disinformation has been highly contentious under the Biden administration, as Republicans and Democrats appear unable to agree on a definition. Last year, the Department of Homeland Security established a “Disinformation Governance Board,” but it was quickly dismantled after it received harsh criticism from Republicans who were concerned that the board would attack views and political opinions that contradict the Biden administration.

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