Biden Won’t Say If He’ll Serve a 4-Year Term

( – During a press conference on an airport tarmac in Pennsylvania May 30, President Joe Biden quipped an insult implying the questioner had a head injury after being asked whether Biden intends to fulfill the entire four-year term or hand off the office to Vice President Kamala Harris if he wins the next election.

Biden was taking a photograph when a reporter queried about Biden’s intent to stay in the presidency for the entire term, should he win. Biden responded by pointing to his head and asking if the questioner was injured. The reporter was confused and asked if Biden could clarify his remarks. Biden then asked if the reporter fell “on his head” while his facial expression suggested frustration.

The timing couldn’t have been better, with Trump’s recent conviction in a rigged New York trial where multiple professional observers are still confused over what precise crime Trump was convicted of, Democrats are ecstatic with joy.

Their celebrations may be short-lived, however, with the potential for Trump’s conviction to be overturned on appeal as well as soaring popularity in polls published after the verdict was revealed. Trump’s campaign also raised tens of millions of dollars within hours of the verdict being announced.

President Biden lost support among black men, a key voting block that helped him win in 2020. Voters are also comparing the last four years to Trump’s term and realizing that the world was safer with fewer major wars and the economy was better.

Biden is also losing support among suburban women, despite his campaign’s attempt to paint themselves as friendly toward women’s rights.

Biden is behind among Hispanics by five points.

Despite the Biden campaign’s claim that they’re popular with youth, polling shows equal support for both camps from 18-29 year olds.

Many pundits have suggested that it’s time for Biden to be replaced by another candidate, given his terrible performance. There is a slim possibility the Democratic party does such at the Democratic National Convention, but Biden would have to consent.

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