Boeing Hit With Yet Another Disaster

( – A dramatic and sudden loss in cabin pressure resulted in yet another disaster for embattled aerospace giant Boeing.

A Korean Air flight on a Boeing 737 Max 8 flying out of Incheon International Airport in the early evening on Saturday, June 22 had a problem with pressurizing the cabin during takeoff. Just 30 minutes into the flight, the cabin suddenly lost pressure, forcing the plane to descend rapidly.

The plane was flying over the South Korean island of Jeju when the crisis occurred. Footage of the event revealed children screaming and passengers in distress as the plane descended ~27,000ft in 15 minutes. The quick change in air pressure caused problems for 17 passengers who required medical help upon landing.

Passengers experienced severe pain in their ears as their ear drums attempted to rapidly respond to the change in pressure. Most flyers are familiar with the discomfort associated with takeoffs and landings and the pressure/popping in one’s ears is typically manageable by chewing gum, yawning, or sipping a beverage – the passengers here experienced something dramatically far more unpleasant.

Some passengers were also treated for hyperventilation after the experience left them flooded with adrenaline and took huge breaths of pure oxygen from the overhead oxygen masks. Thankfully, everyone recovered and injuries were minor.

The flight returned to Incheon and the flight to Taichung International Airport was rescheduled for the following day on a different aircraft. Korean Air told the corporate press that they intended to facilitate a complete investigation by the relevant authorities. They also said they were giving “comprehensive support” for impacted flyers, including meals, accommodations, and transportation.

The airline also apologized to everyone affected.

Boeing has been under intense scrutiny by American authorities after a series of incidents involving its aircraft. Some federal prosecutors are reportedly recommending the company and its board thereby be charged with crimes. The company allegedly violated a previous agreement meant to abrogate the possibility. The 2021 deal required Boeing to overhaul its compliance, safety, and quality control protocols and submit updated practices to the Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally the company paid out a $2.5 billion settlement. It’s unclear how the authorities will proceed, however.

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