Boil Order Issued After E Coli Found in Water Supply

Boil Order After E Coli Found in Water Supply

Water CONTAMINATED – Emergency Order Issued!

( – E. coli is a bacteria that comes from contaminated water supplies. Once it gets into the intestines, it can cause severe illnesses with symptoms like cramps, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. The most serious cases can cause kidney failure and even death. People living in Cape Coral, Florida, received a city-wide order to boil their tap water on Monday, September 12, following the revelation that E. coli was present.

This issue came to light following the routine assessment of samples. Only the City of Cape Coral Water Utility customers were affected; reports estimate this amounted to around 190,000 people.

Officials began addressing the issue in plants where the infection was present on Monday and continued testing water throughout the day and evening Tuesday. By late Tuesday evening, on September 13, the city issued an all-clear.

During the crisis, officials instructed affected residents to use bottled water or to boil tap water for at least one minute to kill any bacteria. The guidelines applied to water used for cooking, brushing teeth, and doing the dishes. Still, residents could safely use the untreated tap water for bathing and washing clothes.

Other recent E. coli outbreaks have occurred in the water supplies in Ohio and Michigan in August, resulting in the hospitalization of nine people.

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