Bolton Says International Community Views Trump as an Easy Mark

( – Former National Security Advisor John Bolton speaking with CNN suggested Trump was “an easy mark” for foreign adversaries like Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, or Xi Jinping. He further claimed America’s foreign antagonists would be able to “take advantage” of another Trump presidency.

Curiously Bolton ignored that the world was much more peaceful during Trump’s presidency than it has been during the last four years. Bolton has been criticized as being a Bush-era war hawk. Many disapproved of his inclusion in the first Trump administration.

Trump has called Bolton a “wacko,” “dupe,” and “boring fool,” and suggested he was disgruntled after being fired for being a war hawk. Trump further suggested Bolton has no business being anywhere near the levers of power. Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller suggested Bolton was seeking to use his former experience with the Trump administration to profit financially with the release of his new book.

Giving CNN viewers their standard fare of Trump trash talk, Bolton offered a litany of reasons he doesn’t like the former president. He suggested Trump wasn’t able to make decisions “grounded in national security” and claimed that Trump has a short attention span. He also lamented Trump’s lack of general historical and global affairs knowledge and said Trump prefers to cultivate personal relationships with foreign leaders.

Host Kaitlan Collins suggested that Trump’s prioritization of individual relationships wouldn’t be as big a bargaining chip as he anticipates if things required serious negotiations to resolve, as they do now.

Bolton responded saying he didn’t believe Trump fully understands the responsibilities of the presidency, whereas Putin and Xi are very aware of what their role is. Bolton suggested that Trump’s belief that he has cultivated relationships with these men was a false assumption that wouldn’t benefit him in the long run.

He further suggested Trump’s ego and narcissistic attitudes would make him easy to manipulate. Collins queried if that meant they’d be happy if he won the next election, to which Bolton replied affirmatively, reiterating that Trump was “an easy mark.”

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