China Accuses US of Having a Cold War Mindset

( – China’s defense ministry has recently expressed strong reservations about the US’s actions in the Pacific region, saying that its strategy reflects more of a dated “Cold War” mentality. This critique comes in the wake of renewed high-level military discussions aimed at preventing misunderstandings between the two nations, especially regarding potential flashpoints like Taiwan, or the current trade war.

While both countries had indicated a desire to improve communication during their recent talks, with the US emphasizing the need for robust military communication, China’s defense ministry spokesperson, Wu Qian, was more confrontational regarding the decisions of the US. Wu also criticized the US for its increased military presence in the Pacific region, suggesting it was driven by a desire for dominance rather than genuine regional stability.

The talks between top military officials, including US General Charles Brown and Chinese General Liu Zhenli, marked a significant step towards re-growing military relations between the two nations, which had been strained since Beijing severed ties following a 2022 visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi, then the House Speaker. According to Wu, the recent video conference between the generals resulted in “positive and constructive outcomes.”

However, Wu emphasized that genuine progress in US-China military relations would require Washington to demonstrate “equality and respect.” He cautioned against US interference in Taiwan, especially given the upcoming presidential election on January 13. Wu accused Taiwan’s government of inflating the perceived threat from China for political mileage and warned the US against further entanglement in Taiwan’s affairs, including arms sales.

In response, Taiwan’s defense ministry acknowledged the absence of significant Chinese military movements but maintained vigilance. The delicate balance in the region shows how complex the US-China relations are and the challenges in managing competing interests, especially since Taiwan and the US maintain close ties.

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