China, Russia Pledge To Lead World Against America

( – The current world order is seeing a massive shift as presidents of China and Russia vowed to increase their partnerships to enter a “new era” that will challenge the US global hegemony. Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Beijing to discuss new avenues of cooperation.

The leaders announced their decision to enter a “new era” of partnership, through which both countries will collaborate on a number of strategic issues and resolve their outstanding differences to achieve their common goal of reducing the role of the United States in the current world order.

In their joint statement, both leaders slammed the US. They stated that America is still living in the Cold War era and focusing on bloc creation rather than prioritizing global security.

The statement also criticized the US decision to seize Russian assets in foreign countries in a bid to compensate Ukraine. According to Xi, China and Russia reached the current state of cooperation after years of hard work, and both parties will continue to work together to achieve mutual goals.

Both Russia and China are currently at odds with the United States. Russia is advancing its military ambitions in Ukraine even at a time when the US is pumping unprecedented military aid to the war-torn country. On the other hand, China is rapidly closing its gaps with the US in the military, economy, and technological sectors.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration sees both Putin and Xi as dictators who want to achieve their interests even at the cost of severe human rights violations in their respective countries. Biden has referred to Putin as a “killer” and to Xi as a “dictator,” with both countries firing back at the president for his harsh remarks.

Before Putin’s visit to Beijing, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also visited China and expressed concerns about the country’s increasing military support for Russia in its war in Ukraine.

However, China appears unmoved by this plea and is unwilling to jeopardize its relations with Russia to appease the United States.

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