China Travel Advisory Issued After Execution Vow

( – Communist China recently issued a dire threat to supporters of Taiwanese independence who are captured on the mainland, claiming they’ll put “separatists” to death if they refuse to renounce their political position. The government of Taiwan issued a warning to all its citizens to stay off the mainland on June 27 in response.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council spokesman Liang Wen-chieh gave the warning during a regularly scheduled press conference highlighting China’s new policy which the communist country announced just the week prior.

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te told reporters that it’s “not a crime” to want a more democratic system of governance and “the real evil” is autocracy. He said that the Chinese had “no right” to threaten Taiwanese citizens with death for having a political opinion they don’t like nor attempt to corral the people of another nation outside its borders.

Lai added that China should acknowledge the existence of the Republic of China (Taiwan’s official name) and open real dialogue with representatives of the “democratically elected, legitimate” authority, which he represents. He suggested that without a normalization of relations, the situation will only continue to deteriorate.

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory in open rebellion. Chinese Leader Xi Jinping is known for bellicose pronouncements and threats to conquer the small island with their vastly superior military, if need be.

Chinese officials clarified that the death penalty would only be applied to “diehard[sic]” supporters of independence, likely indicating those who refuse to renounce their positions upon threat of death.

This follows a series of escalations between the tiny island and communist mainland over the past several months. China engaged in repeated military exercises around the island recently. Observers suggest the drills are as much psychological warfare as they are military exercises.

China began live-fire exercises in 2022 shortly after then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited Taiwan. The U.S. has a defense agreement with the island nation and it’s been implied there are numerous U.S. drones lurking in the waters around the island, ready to jump into action should China attack.

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