China’s Nuclear Missile Force Has a New Leader

( – Beijing has installed a new leader, Wang Houbin, at the head of its nuclear arsenal. The decision was made due to unconfirmed reports of corruption from the previous generals who held the role. This restructuring of military assets is key if Xi Jinping, China’s leader, wants to take a chance to invade Taiwan.

According to Chinese sources, Lin Yuchao, the former head of the nuclear arsenal, disappeared for months. Around the same time that it was announced his position would be replaced, Chinese media indicated that Yuchao and his secretary were corrupt and that formal investigations were opened against them.

For years now, China has been bolstering both its economy and military, trying to expand its influence beyond East Asia. China’s belt and road initiative has been the backbone of its economic expansion. They invest in mostly third-world countries in Africa, or Central Asia, giving infrastructure and schools, and in return asking for resources or permission to have military assets in the respective countries.

Not much is known about Houbin, besides that he was at one point the head of the Chinese Navy. The replacement comes at a time when China looks to present itself as the strongest it can be. Because of tensions with Taiwan, and the US, the Communist country has never been more focused on presenting itself as a capable fighting force.

China has also recently begun to cozy up more to countries such as Russia and North Korea, so that it can establish for itself a semblance of allies if any war involving the country were to break out.

China and Russia being close in the current global political sphere is a net negative for the US, as the US is trying to plan possible scenarios regarding both Russia’s war in Ukraine and a potential flashpoint in Taiwan.

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