Clinton Advisor Slams Biden’s Radical Leftism

( – Mark Penn, former advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has published a scathing opinion piece on Pres. Joe Biden and his 2024 election campaign. Penn, who worked for the Clintons between 1995 and 2008, accused the incumbent president of pandering to leftists within his party and neglecting centrists and swing-voters.

Penn was keen to stress the importance of a presidential candidate addressing bipartisan issues and working to assure voters in the middle that their concerns would be addressed. According to Penn, it is the swing voters who will decide the winner in the re-match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. While both candidates are some of the oldest presidential candidates the U.S. has had to choose from, Penn said that Biden’s age is viewed as a problem in a way that Trump’s is not.

Biden would be 82 years old on his second inauguration day should he win, whereas Trump would be 78. Biden has also made several public missteps in recent months, including claiming to have recently spoken with long-dead French President Mitterrand. Trump has pointed to Biden’s numerous gaffes as evidence that he is no longer mentally competent.

Amongst Penn’s proposed strategies for Biden was demonstrating his strength by “destroying Hamas”. Biden has recently expressed concerns over Israel’s execution of the war in Gaza and has halted the export of arms to Israel over its invasion of Rafah. Rafah, a city in the south of Gaza, is reported to be home to five of the six remaining Hamas battalions.

Penn described Biden’s apparent shift to the left as evidence of a lack of confidence, saying that “scared candidates” believe they need to appeal to the more hardline factions among their supporters. Ultimately, Penn believes that the anti-Israeli protest voters will come back to voting Democrat come November as they would still prefer Biden to Trump. While progressivists may be happy to cast an “uncommitted” vote in the primaries, as over 100,000 did in Michigan, he argued that this would not be reflected in the presidential election. According to Penn, Biden should focus on swing-voters, including former Gop candidate Nikki Haley’s voter base.

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