Comedian Kidnapped and Murdered on Colombian Vacation

( – Was comedian Tou Ger Xioung catfished? The American was on a vacation in Colombia when he met up with a woman that he met on a social media app. Shortly after that, he was ambushed and kidnapped, according to Colombian authorities.

Xioung went missing on Sunday, December 10th.

The kidnappers demanded $2,000 and reached out to Xioung’s family for the cash. Unfortunately his body was discovered the following day before any arrangements could be made. Authorities are wondering if an escape attempt resulted in his death.

Xioung’s body was discovered in the La Corcovado ravine washing up on the shoreline. There were multiple stab wounds and injuries that resulted from blunt force trauma, according to the Pioneer Press. His body was also dotted with numerous bruises, possibly the result of a fall into the river.

Police discovered a woman ransacking his hotel room who ran off when they attempted to question her. It was unclear how a woman was able to elude authorities after being caught red handed rifling through his stuff.

Xioung’s family is devastated according to his brother, Eh Xioung. In a written statement he said the family is working with local police to attempt to find justice. He said they were immensely saddened by the news and called Tou a cherished family member, the pain of his loss “is indescribable.”

Xioung’s family hails from Laos, and he grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Former Minnesota state Senator Mee Moua called him a “one of a kind modern day hero.” Xioung had previously done some activism for the Hmong community, which he believed was being left out of the American Dream. He engaged in promoting critical race ideology and the idea that diversity makes us stronger. Hmong people usually come from southeast Asian countries like Laos.

Moua said she felt “shredded to pieces” over his loss and laden with grief. His family is seeking donations to create a foundation in his honor.

Colombian press has stated that this is the 27th tourist to be discovered dead in the area surrounding the ravine; accidents, suicides, and drug related mishaps are to blame, in addition to violent crime.

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