Congress Exposed In Hush-Money Scheme

( – Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie recently exposed a federal scheme to cover-up complaints and silence potential lawsuits against members of Congress. In the post on X, Massie highlighted how former President Donald Trump was recently convicted for paying $130,000 of his own money for someone’s silence and was prosecuted for it. Meanwhile, $17 million in taxpayer funds were distributed to plaintiffs who brought sexual harassment or other discrimination complaints against Senators and Representatives in the nation’s capital between 1997 and 2017.

The data released by the Office of Compliance indicated there were 268 individual settlements; there was no clear indication regarding the breakdown of the alleged complaints, however.

In Trump’s case, he was slapped with 34 counts, one for each payment made to Stormy Daniels over a period of years. Some legal analysts have suggested the counts were inflated to create an impression of guilt. Imagine charging someone with multiple counts of auto theft for each individual car part.

Massie is the only member of Congress who opposed the CARES act, that was the stimulus in response to the pandemic and is one of the few conservatives to stand up to AIPAC, an incredibly well-connected pro-Israel lobbying firm. The firm spent hundreds of thousands in an attempt to displace Massie during Kentucky’s Republican primary for his office. He beat their preferred candidate with 75% of Kentucky voters supporting Massie.

Massie is frequently criticized by the right and left due to his refusal to vote in favor of foreign aid and funding foreign wars. Massie was the lone Republican to side with 13 Democrats who refused to pass a resolution in support of Israel which also altered the definition of antisemitism to include criticism of Israeli state policy.

Massie is incredibly unpopular with neoconservatives due to his stances on wars in Ukraine and Israel. He was also allied with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) in her attempt to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). Johnson was heavily criticized by conservatives for making deals with Democrats on foreign aid and funding controversial government programs.

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