Conservatives Turn On Trump Over Key Endorsements

( – Former President Donald Trump has ticked off some conservatives after he endorsed some “moderates” in various GOP state primaries around the country. The hotly contested 5th Congressional District of Virginia is one of the more high profile examples. Rep. Bob Good is running against state Sen. John McGuire in the June 18 primary. Good chairs the infamous House Freedom Caucus, a group of traditional conservatives and previously supported Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during the presidential primary.

Trump endorsed McGuire in May suggesting Good was “BAD FOR VIRGINIA” in a post on Truth Social. He suggested the Good had “turned his back” on the MAGA movement and was engaged in attacks and infighting until very recently.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who regularly promotes Trump, broke with him on the endorsement for McGuire. Gaetz suggested Good was preferable to “another McCarthy plant” and called him a top legislator working for the good of the people.

Trump endorsed Republican Representative William Timmons of South Carolina who faced a challenge from conservatives. He was able to hold onto the nomination; winning the vote by 51.6% in his primary.

Ohio Rep. Warren Davidson told press outlets that he didn’t want to send more moderates into the swamp as they aren’t likely to buck the status quo. He suggested more hardline conservatives are required if we want to see genuine change in the legislative direction of the country.

Trump frequently weighs in on controversial primaries and his endorsement can act as a golden ticket to achieving a nomination or winning an election. It’s not always the case, however, and varies depending on state and district.

Previous election cycles have seen moderates removed by their party’s primary process, including former Rep. Liz Cheney. Cheney was one of the leading Republican critics of Trump and took part in former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “investigation” into the events of January 6. Pelosi’s committee was largely lambasted as being a political sham designed solely to lay the blame for the fiasco at Trump’s feet.

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