Costco Issues Urgent Recall After Homes Catch Fire

( – While food and automotive recalls are relatively common, there are numerous other items that can cause human death and suffering. Most recently a rapid recharging unit exclusively sold by Costco and manufactured in communist China was recalled as it has a tendency to burst into flames.

The bulk outlet is recalling 567,000 myCharge POWER HUB All-In-One 10,000mAh portable charging units. The recalled models are model numbers AO10FK A, B, and C. The recall was issued after at least two house fires were blamed on the devices overheating. Additionally 115 of the devices were returned to Costco after they melted, smoked, smoldered, or otherwise incurred heat-related damage during normal operation.

You can see the device here. It’s a small gray box with “myCharge” written on the front and it has retractable cords and wall prongs. The device sold for $40 and was only available from Costco stores. Shoddy manufacturing is likely to blame for the tendency to overheat.

The recall was announced on June 20 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The organization said they received no less than 120 reports regarding the myCharge units. They added that the two house fires caused by the devices caused over a hundred thousand dollars in damage. Thankfully no one has yet been injured by incidents stemming from the devices overheating.

Customers can contact myCharge for a replacement or return the devices to Costco for a full refund. The devices contain lithium-based rechargeable batteries which cannot be disposed of by simply throwing them away. Customers are encouraged to return them for refunds or replacements or dispose of them at proper recycling facilities.

Costco has had numerous recalls in recent years. In March 2023 nine people became sick from mixed berry bags by store-brand Kirkland. Frozen shrimp taco mix was also recalled after plastic pieces were found in the packaging this year. Kirkland brand ready-to-drink canned coffee cold brew was also recalled after a foreign object scare triggered 2.7 million recalled cans. There was concern that some cans may have metal bolts inside.

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