Critics Furious as Dylan Mulvaney Named Woman of the Year

( – The LGTBQ magazine Attitude has ignited controversy from giving famous transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney the title as its ‘Woman of the Year’. While some lauded the decision, it drew criticism from those who accused the awards of disregarding the achievements of women.

Dylan Mulvaney is a prominent US TikTok star who claims to have “transitioned” to become a woman. He shared his gender transition journey on the platform last year, and he accepted the award during the awards ceremony in London.

In his acceptance speech, Mulvaney expressed gratitude for the recognition, especially from a publication within the LGBTQ+ community. He acknowledged that there are diverse perceptions of his identity.

Leading feminist activist Maya Forstater characterized it as an ‘insult.’ Forstater, when approached by news outlets regarding the award, criticized the decision as an affront to women. She stated that declaring a man who has transitioned as the ‘Woman of the Year’ is deeply misogynistic and diminishes the achievements of cisgender women.

Piers Morgan expressed his dismay on social media, describing the choice as demeaning to real women. Television personality Charly Arnolt and NHS GP Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp both conveyed their disappointment at the decision, highlighting the large number of actual women worldwide whose achievements could have been acknowledged.

While the decision to name Dylan Mulvaney ‘Woman of the Year’ stirred debate, others commended him and praised his appearance on Attitude magazine’s cover.

This recognition came after a tumultuous period for Mulvaney, marked by controversy surrounding his partnership with Bud Light, which led to a significant sales drop of $400 million for the beer company. Following this incident, Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, faced the challenge of balancing its corporate reputation while maintaining its support for LGBTQ+ communities. Despite not issuing an apology for the campaign, CEO Brendan Whitworth tried to navigate the situation diplomatically in interviews conducted since the fallout began. They still have not recovered fully from the financial losses.

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