Dallas Pastor Announces Resignation Over “Sin”

Dallas Pastor Announces Resignation Over "Sin"

(IntegrityPress.org) – Dr. Tony Evans, 74, has resigned from his role as senior pastor for the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

Evans, who earned his doctoral degree at the Dallas Theological Seminary, founded the church in 1976. The largely African American church began as a bible study group and expanded massively over the years; it currently boasts over 10,000 members across more than 100 ministries. It offers sermons from its Dallas megachurch, but also broadcasts services online.

Despite Evans’ longtime involvement with the church, he released a statement on Sunday, June 9, in which he announced that he would be stepping back from the organization. Evans went on to say that he intended to attend services as an ordinary member of the congregation. In explaining his resignation, he said that he had committed a “sin” several years ago and felt that he had fallen short of the necessary standard for his role.

Evans did not specify what his reportedly sinful actions were but did clarify that they did not constitute any violation of the law. He said that he intended to apply the “same biblical standard of repentance and restoration” to his life that he would expect from others. Church elders of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship released a statement on the church’s website in which they explained that they had to accept Evans’ resignation. According to their statement, the church must be run according to the scriptures.

Evans will be replaced for the foreseeable future by his colleague, Pastor Bobby Gibson. Evans asked members of the congregation to continue their attendance at the church as they need to serve “Jesus Christ, not a man.” Evans’ revelation and resignation marks a lower point in a decades-long career in the church. He is known for his radio show “The Alternative”, broadcast in over 130 countries, as well for having written and published several books on a variety of topics, such as marriage and preaching. Evans also acted as chaplain for The Dallas Cowboys football team and The Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

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