Daycare Workers FIRED After What They Did To Children

Five Workers Terminated After Traumatizing Kids at Daycare Site

Five Workers Terminated After Traumatizing Kids at Daycare Site

( – When people send children or grandchildren to a daycare facility, they entrust their loved ones’ welfare to the employees of that service. Most of the time, that trust is well-founded because most facilities carefully vet personnel and monitor activities. Yet, things may occasionally go wrong, which appears to be the case in a recent story out of Hamilton, Mississippi.

Videos filmed at Lil’ Blessings Child Care and posted on social media appear to show a female employee of the daycare deliberately frightening young children by wearing a Halloween mask and screaming. The individual wearing the mask approached the children within inches of their faces while shrieking and criticizing them for failing to “act good” or “clean up.”

The backlash against the behavior in the video from social media users was swift. Facility owner Sheila Sanders told media outlets she was unaware of the behavior until the videos circulated, assuring parents she didn’t condone the actions and wasn’t present during the filming. She said she had fired everyone involved.

Now, the five individuals who took part are facing various charges for their conduct. Four face three counts of felony child abuse, while the fifth faces one misdemeanor count of simple assault against a minor and failure to report abuse.

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