Dem Rep Calls For Trump Pardon

( – Minnesota Democrat Representative Dean Phillips, who previously challenged President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, is now calling on NY Gov. Kathy Hochul to pardon Donald Trump for his conviction in his campaign finance case.

Trump was convicted on May 30 of 34 counts (one for each individual payment) to Stormy Daniels over a non-disclosure agreement which was logged as a legal expense. Prosecutors under George-Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg argued that Trump “lied” about the expense (how else is someone supposed to account for a NDA?) in furtherance of another crime. What that other crime was isn’t established, and Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury that they actually didn’t even have to agree on what the other crime was in order to convict, defying legal tradition stretching back centuries.

In a post that is sure to irritate both Republicans and Democrats, Phillips suggested Trump was a cheater, serial liar, philanderer, and repeat bankruptcy claimant before suggesting that Hochul should pardon him. He suggested that the pardon was more for America’s sake than Trump’s. The resulting four to one comment to like ratio suggested his sentiments were unpopular.

Phillips doubled-down in a follow-up post, suggesting that allowing his conviction to stand would turn Trump into a martyr. Phillips highlighted how Trump’s donations were swelling, including breaking records for fundraising in short periods of time, in addition to encouraging the Republican base to vote in November.

Hochul is unlikely to pardon Trump; she previously repeated the Democrat talking point that “no one is above the law” after his conviction was revealed. She also told NPR listeners that “justice was served” before suggesting that the verdict was legitimate.

Trump’s campaign managers announced a record $53 million in fundraising following the verdict. Crucially the campaign raised $58 million in the entire second half of 2023, for comparison.

Serial fabulist Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and star witness in Bragg’s prosecution, intimated over the weekend during an appearance on television that Trump would sell national secrets for food or stamps in prison. Cohen may be revealing his behavior by projection, considering he’s been helping Democrats prosecute his former client since his 2018 arrest for campaign finance violations, bank fraud, tax evasion, and perjury.

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