Democrats Band with GOP to Condemn Border Policies

( – 14 Democrats have surprisingly joined their Republican counterparts in a bi-partisan condemnation and resolution for President Biden’s “open-border policies”. The GOP-initiated resolution, which looks to have the President get rid of these policies, achieved a 225-187 majority in the vote, with unanimous Republican support.

The legislation specifically targets the Biden administration’s decisions to end the Migrant Protection Protocols, stop border wall construction, and the administration’s leniency on those who do cross the border illegally. The move by Republicans shows their renewed focus on border issues in the new year, with Speaker Mike Johnson leading a group of around 60 Republicans to the border to see the crisis firsthand.

The Democrats who voted in favor were Representatives Vicente Gonzalez, Jared Moskowitz, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Susie Lee, Wiley Nickel, Angie Craig, Mary Peltola, Henry Cuellar, Eric Sorensen, Jared Golden, Yadira Caraveo, Don Davis, Greg Landsman, and Colin Allred.

Golden emphasized that the borders need to be secure, which includes strict immigration processes, and enforcement of existing laws, saying that the current scenario at the border presents challenges on both fronts. He also stressed that addressing border issues should be a top priority for Congress and the Biden administration.

Wiley Nickel asserted that decisive action at the southern border is imperative. He expressed frustration over the politicization of the issue by extreme ends of the political spectrum and reiterated his commitment to bipartisan efforts for border security and comprehensive immigration reform.

Greg Landsman, while acknowledging that the administration could do more, criticized the resolution as poorly worded and potentially a political maneuver. He emphasized the responsibility of Congress to take meaningful action, outlining plans to submit a resolution urging full funding for border patrol, immigration judges, personnel, and border technology needs.

This intensity on both sides coincides with immigration and border security becoming crucial issues for voters in the 2024 election cycle, contributing to Biden’s declining approval in handling border situations, and other aspects of his presidency.

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