DeSantis Shows NO MERCY To Looters — This Means War

DeSantis Threatens To Send Foreign Looters Back Home

( – There has been no shortage of controversy over President Joe Biden’s lax approach to border security over the last two years. Many communities, even those far removed from the border, have begun worrying about the impact of the influx of undocumented individuals into the nation. Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has threatened to return undocumented non-nationals caught looting in his state to their point of origin in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Ian.

Police arrested four individuals in Florida’s Lee County for looting in the wake of the storm. Investigators revealed that three of the four were noncitizens who had entered the country illegally. Responding to this revelation, Governor DeSantis stated the men should face criminal prosecution for their actions, and the US government should return them to their countries of origin.

Authorities placed the four individuals under arrest after they allegedly entered destroyed homes and business properties near Fort Myers Beach in the wake of the storm and stole valuable items. Lee county released all four following the payment of $35,000 bonds. They’re facing charges of burglary of an unoccupied structure during a state of emergency.

Do you agree with what Ron DeSantis said, or do you think the governor should take a more nuanced approach in cases like these?

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