Energy Secretary Attracts Police Involvement in Road Trip

( – Biden administration officials seem to be continuously finding themselves in hot water. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas has been accused of intentionally facilitating our nation’s immigration crisis on the southern border. FBI Director Christopher Wray has been accused of having a hand in the social media censorship of Americans.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been forced to answer questions about his involvement in the Hunter Biden investigation and now, Biden’s Energy Secretary has been accused of both hypocrisy and a bit of deception. The genesis of the claims against Jennifer Granholm begin with the Biden administration’s push towards a CO2-free economy by 2035.

A portion of their so-called green energy revolution calls for at least 60% of all newly-produced vehicles to be electrically-powered by 2030. By 2032, the plan calls for at least 67% of new vehicles to be combustion-free. As most would likely expect, a complete transformation of the economy would need a solid public relations campaign to give it a push forward.

Secretary Granholm’s office decided to kick-start the White House initiative by driving a fully electric vehicle all the way from North Carolina to Tennessee in a much-publicized road trip. She and members of her staff made the trip, but it was not without its hiccups.

Those hiccups were apparently significant enough to warrant an investigation from Congressman James Comer, the Rep. who is perhaps best known for simultaneously investigating Hunter Biden and his father. On September 26, he and his colleagues sent Granholm a letter alleging that she had taken part in a taxpayer-funded “publicity stunt” meant to cripple the fossil fuel industry.

Outside of those Republican accusations, Granholm has now admitted that staffers in a gas-powered vehicle blocked access to an EV charging station on her route in anticipation of her arrival in an EV. Infuriated locals that were made to wait called the police on them. You can listen to the 911 call here.

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