EPA’s $50M Grant Consideration To Pro-Hamas Group Exposed

(IntegrityPress.org) – Sen. Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) is criticizing a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant application by an organization called Climate Justice Alliance (CJA). CJA is heavily involved in pro-Palestinian activism, and some of their press releases and bulletins have been characterized as antisemitic. The grant in question would award $50 million in taxpayer funds to the organization over its ostensible work related to protecting the environment.

The EPA is currently mulling over the grant application; nothing has been awarded or distributed yet. The grantmakers specifically are avoiding any political considerations, including additional activism the group is involved with. CJA has repeatedly done activism in defense of Palestinians living in Israeli territories and frequently blames Israel without acknowledging the acts of terrorism and violence perpetrated by Hamas, often against its own people.

Capito highlighted images she found on CJA’s website that promoted and celebrated the Hamas-led attacks on Israel on October 7 during a press briefing on May 21. She characterized the organization as antisemitic and pro-Hamas after sharing a selection of images they’ve used in past promotional materials.

Capito also showed that the group connects their pro-Hamas apologia to environmental activism through the nexus of intersectionality. CJA claims that “colonized places” face additional hardship due to climate change and used that as a rationale to apply for EPA grant money.

Capito suggested that CJA will be using public funds to support in word and deed acts of terrorism while rhetorically suggesting that they won’t use any of the money to actually clean up the environment or protect natural resources.

In their own words, CJA says they want to use the funds as a “catalyst” to “confront the legacy” of environmental damage and enhance the “environmental justice movement.” No where do they mention things like cleaning up parks, public roadways, or planting trees.

The funds were set aside due to President Biden’s infamously misnamed Inflation Reduction Act. Nameless EPA bureaucrats will ultimately decide whether or not to award the funding.

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