Even Hillary Thinks Biden Has a Problem

(IntegrityPress.org) – In a recent statement, Hillary Clinton addressed issues regarding Joe Biden’s age, acknowledging that his age is a “legitimate” concern when assessing his fitness for office. Clinton revealed that she frequently discusses such matters with people in the White House, emphasizing that the President’s age is a valid concern. The interview, recorded before the release of Robert Hur’s Department of Justice report on Biden’s handling of classified documents, highlighted Biden’s portrayal of himself as an old man with a poor memory that only gets worse as time goes on.

Hur’s report described Biden’s memory as faulty and fuzzy, and noted that a US president should not have such issues. Notably, Biden couldn’t recall essential dates in his life, such as the date of his son Beau’s death, or the years in which he served as vice president. Despite this, both Biden and the White House rejected the criticism with the president asserting that his memory is intact and he knows what he’s doing. These concerns about Biden’s age are becoming a focal point for Democratic strategists as they plan for the upcoming election against potential Republican candidate Donald Trump.

A recent poll indicated that 87% of Americans, including 74% of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to serve a second term. Clinton defended her endorsement of Biden’s re-election, even after talking about being concerned about his age, emphasizing his merits and what’s at stake in the election. She expressed her belief that Biden has performed well as president and endorsed him based on his accomplishments.

Amid the controversy over the DOJ report, Biden’s allies condemned the remarks as inappropriate and unfair, with his personal lawyer registering concerns about the report’s tone and content. Jill Biden, the First Lady, defended her husband, questioning the report’s motives and whether it was just pro-GOP bias against the President.

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