Ex-Rock Star Arrested in Connection with Girlfriend’s Death

(IntegrityPress.org) – Theobald Lengyel, an important figure in the 1980s experimental music scene as a multi-instrumentalist for Mr. Bungle, faces accusations of murder following his arrest on Tuesday, January 2. Lengyel was apprehended and charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Alice Herrmann, 61, after law enforcement discovered human remains in the forest near Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley, CA.

Herrmann, last seen alive 10 days before she was reported missing on December 12, spurred an investigation marked by evident signs of “foul play,” according to authorities in the area. Although the human remains found are waiting for DNA verification from the Coroner’s Office, police did not specifically give details regarding Herrmann’s demise.

The investigation focused on Lengyel, also known as “Mylo Stone,” particularly due to his suspicious and non-cooperative stance with law enforcement. His actions after Herrmann’s disappearance, including a journey spanning over 600 miles between his El Cerrito, California residence and Portland, Oregon, drew suspicion. Notably, Herrmann’s vehicle was discovered parked outside Lengyel’s residence, merely 5 miles from Berkeley.

While the motive behind the alleged homicide remains unknown at this time, Lengyel faces severe legal repercussions. He is currently detained in Santa Cruz County Jail, charged with first-degree murder without the possibility of bail, alongside felony charges of burglary and grand theft auto.

Lengyel’s musical journey with Mr. Bungle, the renowned Bay Area band known for its extremely odd and progressive/Avant-garde music style, stands in stark contrast to his recent circumstances. Although the band continues its musical endeavors, Lengyel parted ways with them in the mid-1990s, mostly because of disagreements. Trevor Dunn, lead vocalist and one of the original founders of the band, reflected on the split in 2005, remarking on Lengyel’s stagnation within the group dynamics, which led to him leaving. Dunn also said that ever since Lengyel and the band split, they have not talked once.

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