Expert Fears Putin will Trigger WW3

( – Concerns about a potential escalation of conflict to nuclear war have surfaced in the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine, raising fresh anxieties about World War 3. A report from the Henry Jackson Society think tank has delved into the prospect of Vladimir Putin resorting to nuclear weapons as a strategic move to break the current deadlock in the war on Ukraine.

In the report, Dr. Bahram Ghiassee, an Associate Fellow and Nuclear Consultant based in London, highlighted the potential repercussions of a nuclear attack on Ukraine. He emphasized the international impact of radioactive fallout, particularly regarding NATO members like Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania. Dr. Ghiassee suggested that such an attack could be interpreted as a nuclear weapon assault against NATO allies, invoking Article 5, and potentially triggering a collective response by NATO of equal or more force. The report raised the possibility of reciprocal action by NATO, involving the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons.

The geopolitical tensions escalate as the White House, citing newly declassified intelligence, reported significant losses inflicted by Ukraine on Russian forces along the battlefields around the Ukrainian village of Avdiivka. The Ukrainian resistance in the partly-occupied eastern regions has been a focal point of intense conflict, with recent weeks witnessing some of the most ferocious battles.

US intelligence officials note Russia’s determination to persist with its offensive despite considerable losses. The belief is that Russia aims to achieve a military deadlock throughout the winter, hoping it will erode Western support for Ukraine and tilt the advantage in its favor.

Despite facing setbacks due to substantial casualties and shortages in personnel, munitions, and equipment, Russia remains resolute in its offensive. White House National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson stressed the importance of ongoing support for Ukraine and urged Congress to act promptly to aid Ukraine in its time of need, underscoring the monitoring of developments by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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