Experts Predict Trump’s Ability to Pay Carroll After Verdict

( -Writers for the New York Times were incredibly excited to discuss the possibility that Donald Trump may have to shell out $83 million or more to writer E Jean Carroll who claimed she was sexually assaulted by the former President in the mid-1990s. Trump has vehemently denied the allegations, nonetheless, his denials are being presented as evidence of defamation of Carroll in the New York courts where they’re playing out.

The conviction in civil court found Trump “liable” without actually proving he did the deed. Famously the trial lacked any physical evidence suggesting Trump’s guilt in the matter. A dress provided by Carroll was shown to be manufactured after the alleged time frame. Carroll herself couldn’t even recall the date or year of the assault with the most specificity being sometime between 1994 and 1996.

Times writers were giddy over the possibility that Trump may also face civil penalties in the hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of NY AG Letitia James’ case against Trump and the Trump Organization, claiming they overvalued real estate to secure loans. The case has largely been slammed as a sham, with Judge Arthur Engoron being scrutinized for bias after he declared Trump guilty of fraud before the trial officially began.

The report from the NYT quoted former federal prosecutor Steven M. Cohen, who currently works for Letitia James. Cohen suggested that criminal convictions are unlikely to hamper Trump, in fact polling has shown repeatedly that criminal indictments have boosted Trump’s numbers. Cohen laid out that the real rub is a death by a thousand cuts in civil penalties designed to bleed Trump’s coffers dry.

Trump was also found liable for defamation, a puzzling claim considering Carroll likely sold more books after he publicly defended himself from her accusations. Trump’s team was forbidden from suggesting that ulterior motive was at play during his trial. They were also forbidden from showing a clip where Carroll suggested rape is an alluring concept people fantasize about in a conversation with Anderson Cooper. Cooper realized her blunder and tried to immediately cut to commercial.

Times writers seem to have completely ignored that Trump doesn’t have to pay a dime to Carroll until the appeals process is exhausted, and both cases have significant chances to be overturned on appeal according to legal observers. Curiously, the same writers wrote another piece where that fact was the headline.

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