Experts Warn Biden’s Israel Course Prolongs Suffering

( – Military and security experts have slammed Pres. Biden’s apparent interference in Israel’s military action in Gaza after he signed an order preventing arms from being exported to Israel. While the president has always maintained that the U.S. still sees Israel as an ally and supports its right to defend itself against Hamas, his administration has been hesitant at times to endorse Tel Aviv and its war in Gaza.

According to Mark Dubowitz, CEO of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the Biden administration has given poor advice to Israel following the October 7 massacre. He believes that if Israel had obeyed the president’s instructions, then it would not have been able to effectively wipe out 18 of Hamas’ 24 battalions as it has done so far. Dubowitz added that by pressurizing Israel to go softly for fear of civilian casualties has only “prolonged the war and suffering”, contrary to Biden’s apparent aims.

Former state department official Gabriel Noronha, who now serves as Executive Director for Polaris National Security, slammed Biden’s recent approach to Israel as making “no sense” and having no justification. Noronha went so far as to say that Hamas would not feel any need to release hostages or make any concessions to Israel as long as the Biden administration was working to “constrain Israel”.

Biden’s decision to halt the shipment of 3,500 bombs to Israel over its decision to invade Rafah has also been widely criticized by lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle. On Friday, May 10, 26 House Democrats sent a letter to the president expressing their concern over the message being sent not just to Hamas, but to other Iranian backed terrorist groups.

Several Republicans have also voiced outrage at Biden’s arms blockade, with some discussing the possibility of impeachment. Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) called it the “worst decision” made throughout the history of the U.S. relationship with Israel, while Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fl) accused Biden of being a part of the “pro-Hamas wing” of the Democratic party.

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