FBI Arrests Basketball Player in Connection with Vegas Kidnapping

(IntegrityPress.org) – An NBA G League player has been arrested by the FBI because of his suspected connection to the sudden disappearance of a 23-year-old medical assistant from Washington during her visit to Las Vegas. Chance Comanche, 27, was taken into custody and booked into Sacramento County Jail on Friday, December 15. He is facing allegations of first-degree kidnapping.

The missing person, Marayna Rodgers, was reported to have disappeared on December 6 while vacationing in Las Vegas. According to reports from KLAS, she was last seen entering a vehicle with a friend, Sakari Harnden, 19, who is also Comanche’s girlfriend. Notably, Comanche had participated in a G League game in Henderson, Nevada, located approximately 15 miles from Las Vegas, on the evening before Rodgers disappeared.

Because of his arrest, Comanche was released/fired from the Stockton Kings, the Sacramento Kings’ developmental affiliate team. Meanwhile, Harnden was also apprehended in Las Vegas on December 13 and subsequently booked into the downtown Las Vegas Jail on charges of kidnapping. The outlet cited a criminal complaint indicating that Harnden was accused of forcibly detaining Rodgers with the intent of causing her harm or possibly ending her life.

Additionally, Harnden faces a separate theft charge related to the alleged theft of a Rolex. Rodgers’ family and friends expressed deep concern, saying that this type of behavior was entirely uncharacteristic of her. They emphasized her strong ties to her family in Washington and her love for her dogs, which she would never willingly leave behind.

Regarding Comanche’s whereabouts during the disappearance, he was reportedly in Portland, Oregon, for a game against the Rip City Remix on December 7, just a day after Rodgers went missing. The extent and duration of Comanche’s stay in Las Vegas remain is not known. As for Harnden, she is currently held in custody on a $500,000 bail, set by Judge Diana Sullivan of the Las Vegas Justice Court. He will appear in court on December 19 for the theft charge and again on December 28 to address the kidnapping allegations.

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