Firefighters’ Bodies Found Under Mysterious Circumstances

( – On Sunday June 30, the bodies of two Georgia firefighters were discovered in Tennessee. Identified as 25-year-old Raegan Anderson and 24-year-old Chandler Kuhbander, the two had been missing for over a week.

Both Anderson and Kuhbander worked for the Liberty County Fire Service in Hinesville, Georgia. They had recently had a particularly messy breakup. The Hinesville Police Department is still piecing together the events that led to the two former lovers being found dead in Anderson’s vehicle in Cocke County, Tennessee.

Anderson and Kuhbander had met in high school and dated for over seven years. According to Kuhbander’s mother, Jane Kuhbander, their relationship had been “toxic” and Anderson was not coping with the breakup well. She says her son called her before his disappearance and said that Anderson was “blowing up” his phone and had repeatedly threatened to kill herself.

Anderson was also arrested two days before they disappeared after an incident at an Olive Garden in Pooler, Georgia. Kuhbander had been on a date with another woman, and Anderson confronted them in the restaurant and then allegedly keyed his car. Anderson was charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct and then released on bond.

According to Kuhbander’s mother, he continued to try to comfort Anderson through their breakup but also tried to establish boundaries by asking her to stop harassing him. His last known location was his Crunch gym in Savannah where security footage captured him leaving 11:40am on June 24. Both Anderson and Kuhbander were allegedly seen sitting together in Anderson’s car in the parking lot of the gym that morning. His mother believes he got into Anderson’s vehicle under duress. The investigation is still ongoing, and the bodies have been sent for autopsies in order to determine cause of death.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed that TBI agents will be working alongside the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the deaths of the two young firefighters. Liberty County Fire Services released a public statement offering condolences to the families and friends of Anderson and praising both of them for their dedication to protecting and serving their community. Kuhbander’s sister eulogized her brother on Facebook, expressing the grief and loss that her family is going through and adding that he would not be forgotten.

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