Gaetz Issues Warning to Air Force Over Woke Strategy Plan

( – Even those who are opposed to his policies and past actions would likely agree that when Representative Matt Gaetz makes a threat, it would be wise to listen to him. Before the Republican almost single-handedly dethroned Kevin McCarthy, he threatened to do so.

The Sunshine State legislator is now threatening to take action against the U.S. Air Force should they choose not to heed his warning. In an October 24 letter to Secretary Frank Kendall, the service’ civilian-appointed leader, Gaetz demanded that the official shut down his Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility working group.

In short, the lawmaker’s piece appears to suggest that the Air Force should focus less on issues like gender and race and more so on matters of national security and combat preparedness. Gaetz cites the Air Force’ shortfall of its recruiting goal and posits that DEI initiatives are scaring potential enlistees away.

The Republican accuses Kendall of trying to meet a quota that is based on diversity standards rather than focusing on recruiting the best possible candidates. Towards the end of the letter, Gaetz reminds the secretary that after former President Trump did away with military-wide DEI policies, recruiting goals across all branches were met without issue.

Kendall is on record saying that the Air Force is obligated “to represent” as many groups as possible. “We must leverage,” the secretary said, “the diversity of” race, “gender,” region, culture, socioeconomics and philosophy. He went on to say that a diverse approach to warfare “provides” the nation “with unique advantages” in combat and “on” the “battlefield.”

Gaetz ended his letter by saying Kendall’s policy implementations had caused a “wokefication” of the Air Force. For those who are not aware, DEI and DEIA are not mere policies on paper. Each branch of the military, including the Marine Corps, has an entire office devoted to the issue.

The Department of Defense has an umbrella office that oversees them all.

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