GOP Members Introduce Measure To Dismantle Federal DEI Programs

GOP Members Introduce Measure To Dismantle Federal DEI Programs

( – Congressional Republican and potential Trump VP candidate, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance is proposing a new bill that would rip diversity, equity, and inclusion offices from across all branches of the military and federal government. The bill would ban all DEI training, quotas for new hires, and close down offices or positions affiliated with implementing the policies. It also revokes the suggestion that there are privileged and oppressed people at the institutional level.

Co-sponsored by Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) the bill is described as the single “most comprehensive” legislation to completely remove DEI from government. Crucially, the bill also eliminates the potential for federal grant funding from any university or institution that mandates DEI in any form at their school.

Vance told the press that the ideology is “destructive.” He added that there’s “no place” for it in any organization, arguing that it “breeds hatred” along racial and ethnic lines.

The Biden administration has made DEI one of its major priorities since the president entered office in 2021. Back in June of that year, President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the federal government.

Back in 2023, news outlets reported that a video from the Department of Veterans Affairs was leaked, and that in the video, employees were instructed to use terminology like “person who is pregnant” rather than the more specific “pregnant woman” in order to be more inclusive.

This type of training would reportedly be ended under Vance’s new bill. The bill also blocks the potential for reshuffling and reorganizing the same programs under different names by mandating all associated staff be fired, not transferred. Meanwhile, the bill would eliminate the requirement of offices in the government to record and report their racial makeup.

Critics of DEI programs have argued that the offices/programs are also incredibly expensive. Early this year, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) told The Washington Examiner that they believe an “excessive amount of money” is going to DEI training.

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