GOP Pushes for New China Travel Ban

( – A group of 5 Republican senators have urged President Joe Biden to consider implementing a travel ban between the United States and China. Their request is in response to a surge in mysterious respiratory illnesses that have rapidly spread throughout China, raising global concerns about the level of transparency in addressing such health crises.

In their letter to President Biden, the senators highlighted the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) historical lack of transparency, particularly during the pandemic of 2020, emphasizing that the CCP’s concealment of information deprived the US of crucial insights into the disease and its origins. They pointed out Biden’s earlier criticism of former President Donald Trump’s decision to impose travel restrictions between the US and China during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic, with Biden characterizing it as “xenophobia.” However, the senators argued that history and common sense validate the necessity of such measures.

Expressing concerns about a new and unidentified pathogen originating in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the senators emphasized the potential risk of its spread to other nations, including the United States. They referenced China reporting an escalation in respiratory illnesses, attributed by the PRC to pneumonia caused by known pathogens, since mid-October.

While acknowledging a notable surge in respiratory illnesses in China, medical experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) have attributed this increase to “immunity debt.” This concept suggests that extended efforts, such as lockdowns and masking, to prevent infectious diseases can render populations more vulnerable to illness when these precautions are lifted. China claims that known, non-novel pathogens are responsible for the rise, and the WHO, although having received information from China promptly, has faced controversy and skepticism regarding its dealings with the country.

Highlighting the CCP’s potential incentive to mislead, the senators stressed the need for precautionary measures to safeguard Americans’ health and the economy. They advocated for an immediate travel restriction between the US and China until further insights into the risks associated with the new illness are available.

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