GOP Unleashes on Biden for Paying “Ransom” to Terrorists on 9/11

( – Republicans are describing the Biden administration’s decision to “unfreeze” $6 billion worth of Iranian funds as a “ransom” payoff to Islamic radicals. Negotiations between the U.S. State Department and Persian mullahs regarding a prisoner swap have been ongoing for months and the White House finally approved the arrangement on the symbolic anniversary of 911.

A deal that would normally be square with an even trade of one for one will see the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism have access to sanctioned funds that had been locked in overseas banks for years. Iran actively and openly funds the Shia-identified Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon. The organization routinely fires missiles indiscriminately into Northern Israel.

The regime in Iran was directly responsible for inflicting thousands of casualties on American troops stationed in Iraq by funding Shia militias in the nation and directing them to target American personnel with roadside bombs. Iran supplied money, military advisors, logistical support and equipment to the effort.

Their role was so profound that President Donald Trump risked igniting a regional war by ordering the assassination of the Revolutionary Guard commander who oversaw the operations in Iraq. The hit was successfully carried out using a drone and the Iranians responded by firing a handful of missiles at a base housing U.S. troops. No deaths resulted from the strike and war was averted.

After the administration announced the prisoner trade would go through, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley took to Twitter and likened the deal to international blackmail. The Republican further reminded his constituents of a past $1.7 billion payoff to Iran by President Biden’s former boss, $400 million of which was delivered to Tehran in cash.

Rep. Cory Mills called the decision “Obama 2.0” and said the money would “ultimately” be used to pay for “terrorist activities.” Iowa Senator Joni Ernst suggested the payment likely guaranteed that Americans would be taken hostage in the future.

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